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If you frequently fall victim to procrastination, pay attention to your patterns.       

Do you procrastinate on everything or only on some things? Some people procrastinate primarily on big projects—others tend to avoid the small, boring, or annoying tasks. The worst part about procrastination is how much time we waste wandering on meaningless tasks and doing anything to avoid the dreaded....
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Do you control “nibblers” or do “nibblers” nab you?  


Nibblers are distractions that sabotage your plans, gnaw at your ability to concentrate, and steal hours every day. There are “internal” nibblers, personal dispositions or behavior tendencies such as perfectionism and procrastination, which prevent you from completing your plans. There are also “external” nibblers, interruptions like meetings, calls, e-mails or drop-by visits that can easily derail your day.


Take a close look at these common nibblers. Which ones most frequently derail your best-laid plans?...

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Has organizing your computer files been on your to-do list since last summer? Is there a writing project you've been avoiding like the plague? What about those networking phone calls you've been meaning to get to since the job market got so shaky? What is it that causes you to procrastinate...........?

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Eight days ago I plunged into the world of Twitter.  I didn't know a thing about it, but I trusted the advice of multiple friends and colleagues that this phenomenon was worth checking out.

So far so good...
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