maximize your team's efficiency

We can help coach you and your team to improved relationships, easier communication and higher productivity.

Time Management Coaching Clinics

Provide targeted, expert support to your employees that impacts your bottom line.

Julie’s system is wonderful because each of us has found a way to incorporate it in all aspects of our lives, not just the office.
— Nils G, Small Business Owner

Jump-start worker productivity, and help employees navigate around their unique obstacles to efficiency by providing them with individualized coaching sessions. One of our Time Management Coaches will be stationed onsite at your company providing personalized sessions for 4 to 8 employees per day.  Available as a standalone service or bundled with our other productivity consultations and workshops.

Executive & Assistant Workflow

Get in sync with your assistant through our two-on-one coaching sessions.

I have experienced the magic and mystery of Julie firsthand.
— Cathie Black, former CEO of Hearst Magazines

Learning to work effectively with an assistant pays huge dividends to the company bottom line. Our coach will work with you and your support staff to develop organizational systems that boost teamwork, enhance communication, ensure top-quality work and more!

Team Infrastructure Analysis

We'll get your team honed and lean, saving your company time and money.

We are all more efficient, productive, indeed organized, thanks to you.
— Lisa Grossman, Viacom

Our productivity experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your team infrastructure and processes to evaluate gaps, clarify roles and define issues. We provide a diagnosis and create practical solutions to boost team efficiency, streamline communication and increase your bottom line.  We’ll stay with you as you spearhead the implementation of every change, so that you can successfully achieve your business goals.