preserve your treasures

Whether it's a move, empty nest or archiving items of value, we'll help minimize stress and set you up for success.

Moving Coordination

Our team will help you reevaluate your belongings, take only what really matters and set up your new space with systems that work for you.

Morgenstern is a house whisperer, and able to tame the most tangled mess, all the while calming and enchanting the person trapped beneath it’s crushing weight.
— Lisa Kogan, O Magazine

Managing every detail of a move can be overwhelming and disruptive to your life. Our team has the expert experience to oversee everything from designing a moving plan to hiring movers to packing belongings to unpacking and organizing your space.

Whether a simple move across town, to complex moves involving multiple households and items in storage, our team will orchestrate an action plan based on your floor plan, storage needs, goals and style. We ensure that you only move things that you use and love, and that your new space is a maximized, perfect reflection of who you are.

Getting a space renovated?
We can help with the pre-renovation planning, ensuring that your investment produces not only a beautiful new space, but one that is custom built around the way you function. 

Memorabilia & Photos

We'll help you unearth, organize and enjoy your memories, preserving family history for future generations.

If you could see the “before” pictures, you’d know why I think Julie rocks.
— Nancy Sinatra, Singer/Songwriter/Living Legend

The process of digging through piles of unsorted memorabilia buried in closets, attics and basements can be daunting, and that's where our talented organizers come in. We'll help you conquer these vital projects once and for all, by breaking the process down into manageable steps, and working hand in hand with you to organize your treasures into a user-friendly system.

We design systems for any collection that you have, from family memorabilia to children's artwork to travel memorabilia to photos and more!