Thank you so much for helping us organize our office (our lives).
We are now able to focus on the things that we enjoy doing, rather than spending half of the day looking for things.
Julie’s system is wonderful because each of us has found a
way to incorporate it in all aspects of our lives, not just the office.
— Nils G, Small Business Owner
Working with you was like having our arteries cleared.
Suddenly, the household ran smoothly and a load was lifted.
One year later, the systems you helped us put into place are still working!

— Lynne F., Working Mom of 3
I continue to be in awe of how your time management coach closely observed me, pointed out habitual mistakes that I make, and literally changed the way I think every day.

As a result, I am getting so much more accomplished and I am so much calmer that at times I don’t recognize myself!

— Erika C., Corporate Executive
Thank you for your very lively workshop. It was evident that you put much time, thought and preparation into the presentation, as it was clearly tailored to the needs of our staff.
— Donna Lynne, Director, NYC Mayors Office of Operations
Your upbeat, engaging style made ‘organizing’ fun. The tips and strategies you presented, in just 60 minutes, had an impact on everyone lucky enough to attend. We are all more efficient, productive, indeed organized, thanks to you.
— Lisa Grossman, Viacom
You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association
Your organizational tips and strategies are top-notch – I am confident audience members will be able to apply your principles, even to their highly classified information.
— Thelma Rodgers, National Security Agency
Julie’s presentation strongly contributed to the conference’s success, and I feel fortunate that I was able to sit in on her session!
— KC Conway, First Republic Bank
Julie’s presentation was outstanding. Everyone was engaged and related to the challenges of organization and time management.
Julie was well prepared, understanding the nuances of our industry and audience.

Thanks for making our conference a success!
— Craig Hallbauer, CPCU, National Flood Services
Morgenstern is the queen of helping people put their lives in order.
— Deirdre Donahue, USA Today
Morgenstern is a house whisperer, and able to tame the most tangled mess, all the while calming and enchanting the person trapped beneath its crushing weight.”
— Lisa Kogan, “O”, The Oprah Magazine