Boost productivity and preserve your company's legacy

Through organizing your office space and your business records, we'll help you fuel energy in your company and seize business opportunities.

Office Organizing

We can help clear a pathway of easy access to the information and resources that you need to make money and get things done.

Before I worked with Julie and her team to organize my workplace, I literally dreaded coming to my office. I can’t recommend Julie’s work and the guiding principles behind it enough.
— Susan Moldow, Publisher, Scribner

Our experts will help create customized, practical systems that fuel efficiency, reduce stress, eliminate clutter, and free up time to focus on professional goals. 

We work with companies of all sizes and across all industries, from Fortune 500s to small businesses, government and non-profits. Our team can organize everything from office spaces to supply rooms to shared spaces and more!

Business Records, Memorabilia & Archives

We'll help your company unearth, preserve and access the institutional knowledge that can make and save you money.

We were blessed to have Julie’s eagle eye, loving heart and razor sharp skills to create our 25 year archive of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Julie Morgenstern is undeniably at the top of the organizing game and what a joy to work with!
— Sheri Salata, President Harpo Studios/OWN

Never lose a valuable asset, idea or process to the minds, memories and messy desks of a rotating talent pool.   

Based on strategizing with key executives, we create a road map to preserve your company’s most valuable information assets. Our team can create easy-to-use -and-search archival systems that take up minimal real estate and are easy to maintain. We help you and your company capitalize on past investments, minimize costs associated with storage and seize business opportunities.