An organized office gives us a competitive edge, providing easy access to the information and resources we need to make money and get things done.
Before I worked with Julie and her team to organize my workplace, I literally dreaded coming to my office. Once she figured out how to make the space in my office work for me, I cam to enjoy being there and got more done when I was. I can’t recommend Julie’s work and the guiding principles behind it enough.
— Susan Moldow, Publisher, Scribner

Companies know that an organized workspace fuels energy, boosts productivity and reduces stress.   Our organizing experts will help you harness the space, information and processes you need to fuel efficiency, eliminate clutter and free up time and energy to focus on what truly matters:  achieving your professional goals.

We work with companies of all sizes and across all industries, from Fortune 500s to small businesses, government and non-profits to organize individual and common work spaces.

Our customized, practical approach produces systems that unlock, and unleash your business potential.  

We organize:

  • Office Spaces
  • Filing systems
  • Email
  • Supply rooms
  • Shared spaces
  • Business Records
  • Company Archives
  • Office Cleanout Days
  • And more!


           Facing a retirement wave , and worried all that knowledge will be lost forever? 
Restructuring your company or embarking on a new venture?

Who wouldn’t love Julie to come in and make their lives better? We were blessed to have Julie’s eagle eye, loving heart and razor sharp skills to create our 25 year archive of The Oprah Winfrey Show. From one of a kind memorabilia to the most precious records, photos, props — everything we needed to save for posterity was culled from a city block size space (and it was all taking place as we were up to our ears in sun-setting the show). Julie Morgenstern is undeniably at the top of the organizing game and what a joy to work with!
— Sheri Salata, President Harpo Studios/OWN

Knowledge is a company’s greatest asset—yet, rarely does a company take time to systematically capture, document and preserve that info to ensure it is transferable to new teams, new initiatives, new ventures.   As a result, valuable assets, ideas, work product and processes remain locked in the minds, memories and messy desks of a rotating talent pool. 

Our team has the experience to help your company unearth, preserve and access the institutional knowledge that can make and save you money. We start by strategizing with key executives to define what items could have operational, financial, marketing, and business potential in the future.  From there, we methodically declutter every nook and cranny of the business. We create retention guidelines and decision tree to help employees identify what to keep and toss, and oversee the implementation from start to finish.  We create organized records, archives and manuals that take up a fraction of the real estate and put valuable assets at your fingertips.  We help you and your company capitalize on past investments, seize business opportunities, shrink your storage footprint and minimize costs associated with storing unused business records and archives. 

As part of the project, Julie Morgenstern Enterprises can: 

  • Create a road map to preserve a company’s most valuable information assets
  • Preserve and organize treasures of business, marketing, legal and legacy value
  • Create Operating Manuals for Assistants and Teams  
  • Mastermind an archival storage system
  • Conduct Company-wide Cleanout Days
  • Engage all employees in the preservation process
  • Create decision trees and retention guidelines
  • Oversee implementation and desk-side support
  • Capture Memories and undocumented knowledge through video interviews