An organized home provides a wonderful place to rest and recharge, pursue what makes us happy, and take care of ourselves.    
If you could see the “before” pictures, you’d know why I think Julie rocks.
— Nancy Sinatra, Singer/Songwriter/Living Legend

Our hand-selected team will define a clear function for each room, stretch storage and design user-friendly systems for every room in your home, following Julie’s SPACE formula: Sort, Purge, Assign, Containerize and Equalize.  

Our systems save you money, unearth items of value, provide access to what you use and love, and create a calm and energizing space to come home to. 

Our inside-out methodology leads to customized systems based on your unique personality, needs and style, which makes them natural and easy to maintain, whether you live alone or with others

We organize:

  • Attics, garages and basements
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Family Rooms
  • Front entry
  • Home offices
  • Kid's Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Playrooms
  • Storage units
  • And more!


An organized office gives us a competitive edge, providing easy access to the information and resources we need to make money and get things done.
Before I worked with Julie and her team to organize my workplace, I literally dreaded coming to my office. Once she figured out how to make the space in my office work for me, I cam to enjoy being there and got more done when I was. I can’t recommend Julie’s work and the guiding principles behind it enough.
— Susan Moldow, Publisher, Scribner

Companies know that an organized workspace fuels energy, boosts productivity and reduces stress.   Our organizing experts will help you harness the space, information and processes you need to fuel efficiency, eliminate clutter and free up time and energy to focus on what truly matters:  achieving your professional goals.

We work with companies of all sizes and across all industries, from Fortune 500s to small businesses, government and non-profits to organize individual and common work spaces.

Our customized, practical approach produces systems that unlock, and unleash your business potential.  

We organize:

  • Office Spaces
  • Filing systems
  • Email
  • Supply rooms
  • Shared spaces
  • Business Records
  • Company Archives
  • Office Cleanout Days
  • And more!

Memorabilia & Photos

Stuff can tell the stories of our lives, but we need to curate and organize it to get access to the treasures.
Who wouldn’t love Julie to come in and make their lives better? We were blessed to have Julie’s eagle eye, loving heart and razor sharp skills to create our 25 year archive of The Oprah Winfrey Show. From one of a kind memorabilia to the most precious records, photos, props — everything we needed to save for posterity was culled from a city block size space (and it was all taking place as we were up to our ears in sun-setting the show).

Julie Morgenstern is undeniably at the top of the organizing game and what a joy to work with!
— Sheri Salata, President Harpo Studios/OWN

Few projects generate more guilt/weigh more heavily on us than the piles of unsorted memorabilia buried in our closets, drawers, attics and basements. We know there are important stories, lessons, and treasures of great value buried in the clutter, but the process of digging through it is daunting. 

Our talented team of organizers will help you conquer these vital projects once and for all, by breaking the process down into manageable steps, and working hand in hand with you to organize your treasures into a user-friendly system.

With our team’s support, you are able to unearth, organize and enjoy your memories, preserve family history for future generations and clear out the physical and mental space the burden of these unfinished projects occupy.

We design systems for:

  • Business histories
  • Career mementos
  • Family memorabilia
  • Children's school and artwork
  • Travel memorabilia
  • Letters, journals and papers
  • Photos
  • And more!


Releasing what is obsolete to make room for change, based on Julie’s book SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life 
The only thing I don’t understand is how Julie looks so young... I’m certain that God hired her to organize the first six days of creation!
— Mandy Patinkin, Actor

At Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, we believe decluttering is a completely different process from organizing. Organizing is about designing systems that make you more efficient exactly where you are.  Decluttering is about identifying and releasing what is obsolete in your life, when you want (or need) to make a change, but are unsure of your new destination.

SHED coaching is designed for people who are in transition – a move, job change, empty nest – and still discovering what’s next.  

Our approach is unique, because it focuses on what you do before and after releasing the clutter to convert any change into an opportunity for self-discovery and healthy growth.  By identifying and releasing what is weighing you down, you gain the energy, insight and clarity to make decisions about what really matters. 

By phone, video call, or in person, your SHED Coach will lead you through a 4 step process of letting go of what is no longer relevant in your space, schedule and habits. The steps include:   

  • Separate the treasures – Define what is truly worth keeping.
  • Heave the trash – Release what’s weighing you down.
  • Embrace your identity from within – Discover who you are no matter what you own.
  • Drive yourself forward – Explore which direction connects to your authentic self.