Managing energy and brainpower for peak performance.

Thank you for your very lively workshop. It was evident that you put much time, thought and preparation into the presentation, as it was clearly tailored to the needs of our staff.
— Donna Lynne, Director, NYC Mayors Office of Operations

Today’s complex business landscape demands new productivity skills. Every worker needs the agility to adapt to changing roles, streamline day to day responsibilities, collaborate efficiently and consistently carve out time for strategy and innovation. Julie Morgenstern Enterprises
provides cutting edge, practical strategies based on a philosophy of managing one’s energy and brainpower for peak performance.

Our clients range from global Fortune 500 companies, to small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits and government agencies worldwide. Each client has their own business goals, but one shared question: How do we boost the effectiveness of our talent in a time of small teams and limited resources?

At Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, we design our programs to be transformational, leading to concrete behavior change for individuals and teams. WorkSuite includes a variety of workshops and consulting services each of which offers it’s own features and benefits.

We begin every project by getting to know your company. Then, we customize the right blend of consulting, training and coaching to help you achieve your goals. While all of our workshops work well as standalone experiences, they are also designed to complement each other in a way that allows individuals, teams and the entire organization to master the strategies and integrate them into your culture.

Our WorkSuite Offerings Include:


Your upbeat, engaging style made ‘organizing’ fun. The tips and strategies you presented, in just 60 minutes, had an impact on everyone lucky enough to attend. We are all more efficient, productive, indeed organized, thanks to you.
— Lisa Grossman, Viacom

Today's lean teams are required to accomplish more than ever with fewer resources. Yet, when your people are struggling with stress, burnout, or difficulty producing desired results, it can be hard to tell if the problem is the size, structure, or processes of the group.

That’s’ where we come in.  Our productivity experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your team infrastructure and processes, and provide a diagnosis and practical solutions to boost team efficiency and effectiveness.  We’ll stay with you as you spearhead the implementation of every change, so that you can successfully achieve your business goals.

Well honed, lean teams get more done, save your company time and money and retain top talent. The solutions we provide will pave the way to your success, and provide a stable foundation that will allow your team to grow or shrink as your business evolves.

 We work with you to:

  • Evaluate gaps or overlaps in team design
  • Clarify roles to increase team efficiency
  • Define decision rights to minimize bottlenecks
  • Streamline communication and information processes
  • Develop team protocols for email, meetings and reporting
  • Align team on mission and vision to create more autonomy


You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association

The coaching in our time management clinic provides targeted, expert support that can jump-start worker productivity, and help employees navigate around their unique obstacles to efficiency.

Through our Time Management Clinics, you  offer individualized coaching sessions with one of our Time Management Coaches who is stationed onsite at your company to 4 to-8 employees per day.  Available as a standalone service or bundled with our other productivity consultations and workshops.


Time management does not happen in a vacuum... It happens in a community, which has its own norms and mores. 

Your organizational tips and strategies are top-notch – I am confident audience members will be able to apply your principles,even to their highly classified information.
— Thelma Rodgers, National Security Agency

Inspired leaders want to know how to create a culture of productivity that brings out the best in each employee, but doing that requires a deep understanding of a company’s existing culture.  We use a variety of tools, including focus groups, surveys and one-on-one interviews, to analyze your company's culture and uncover the mindsets, practices and expectations that impact worker productivity. We present the results of our study to senior leaders, along with recommendations for top-down norms and structural changes. This is a powerful way to boost organizational effectiveness and maximize the contribution of each member of the team.