1:1 time MANAGEMENT coaching

Reclaim time for what is the most important to you.

You inspired and taught me so much, that I’ve changed my approach to organizing my busy schedule. You have wonderful and persuasive presentation skills.
— Lillian Vernon, Chairman and CEO

Do you crave more time to spend on what really matters?  Our customized, practical coaching ensures you focus on the highest and best use of your time, and create a more meaningful, gratifying life. 

Each client starts with our Personal G.P.S. programGuidelines, Planning tools, and Skills and then we tailor ongoing coaching based on your individual time management strengths, challenges and goals. Our inside out approach shifts mindsets and behavior to better plan your day, achieve your goals and spend more time making your unique contribution.    

We help you: 

  • Identify your strengths
  • Balance your schedule
  • Manage conflicting priorities
  • Improve focus
  • Streamline your workload
  • Delegate effectively
  • Conquer procrastination and perfectionism
  • Convert new techniques into daily habits
  • And more!

semi-private COACHING

                Small group clinics to answer your big burning questions.

I have experienced the magic and mystery of Julie firsthand. Magic because she makes the complex so
simple. Mystery because she makes it look so easy.
— Cathie Black, Former CEO of Hearst Magazines

Do you have peers who share your desire for customized Time Management coaching?  Are you torn between on-on-one coaching and a group workshop?  Semi-private coaching allows you to problem solve the application of Time Management from the Inside Out in a targeted, economic fashion.

In this session for up to 3 people, our coaches will answer questions and help connect the principles you have heard about to your unique challenges. By learning in a small group setting, participants have the advantage of hearing each other’s challenges and solutions, often benefitting from material that an individual may not have thought to ask. By helping you to better understand the principles of Inside Out Time Management, you will be able to get your specific needs met at a more affordable rate.

 We help you

  • Boost efficiency
  • Develop a sustainable pace and structure
  • Balance work and personal life
  • Create time in the work day to think
  • Manage email and interruptions
  • Target problem areas of your to-do list and calendar
  • Strategize to correct these issues
  • Learn through other participant's questions
  • And more!

Executive & Assistant workflow

No one is trained on how to work with an assistant.

Until you change the way you work at things, the things you work at will never change. Julie teaches
how to change those things and become more energetic and efficient at work.
— Pat Riley, President, The Miami Heat

Your company invests in administrative support to allow you focus your time on critical tasks. Yet, learning to work effectively with an assistant is a challenge for many people. When managers and assistants work in sync with one another, their combined productivity pays huge dividends to the company bottom line.

In this two-on-one session with a highly trained coach from Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, we work with you and your support staff to develop organizational systems that ensure top-quality work.

We help you:

  • Enhance your teamwork
  • Align on priorities and goals
  • Set expectations for attention to detail
  • Create execution strategies for basic logistics, calendar/scheduling and relationship management
  • Design communication tools to boost confidence in your support system
  • And more!