Time Management Coaching

For Middle and High School Students

Middle and high school are critical stages for students to learn how to get organized,
manage competing workloads and time commitments. They are expected to shift classrooms,
and manage assignments with varying due dates from teachers who don’t necessarily
coordinate with each other. 

To navigate this transition, students must learn key skills to independently manage their
schedules and workload. Which is where our coaches come in. Using Julie Morgenstern’s
Inside Out method, our coaches provide students with practical tools and skills to organize their time, information and space throughout their life.

Your student will learn to:
● Assess their organizational strengths and learn skills to overcome their struggles
● Systemize notebooks, backpacks and spaces to keep track of notes and information
● Use a time map to balance between school, extracurriculars, social and family life
● Get ahead on big, long term projects by breaking them down into small, doable steps
● Organize and complete assignments with varying due dates on time
● Time Track as a tool for better estimating and planning

Our program engages kids in the process so that they take ownership and pride in using
organization to achieve their goals, and guides parents in supporting their children through the

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