Making Work, Work:
Counterintuitive Keys to Productivity

Julie presents her cutting edge approach to improving workplace performance and maximizing productivity.  Using the latest in brain science research, Julie’s approach focuses on managing energy and brainpower to identify hidden time wasters and wring more out of each day.

Based on Julie’s book, Never Check Email in the Morning, audience members will learn how small changes in behavior can achieve big results – in recouped energy and time to tackle work that requires high-level focus. By learning how to prioritize with confidence, concentrate in distracting environments, outsmart email and interruptions and optimize time off, participants will increase job security while nurturing their personal lives.

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

A company’s competitiveness is increasingly reliant on their talent and human capital, one of the greatest investments in today’s knowledge based economy. Julie guides organizational leaders in creating an environment that cultivates peak performance to ensure time is spent on the right tasks with the proper focus.

Drawing on decades of experience consulting with leading executives at many of the world’s largest companies, Julie shows how leaders and companies who invest in the creation of norms around workflow are able to build a culture that promotes productivity and boosts employee effectiveness and satisfaction. Time leadership enables companies to efficiently fulfill their objectives, recruit and retain top talent, and stay far ahead of the competition.

SHED: Decluttering your Space, Time and Habits to Get Unstuck

SHED is a practical framework for proactively managing change, transition and the feeling of being unstuck and unsure.

Julie guides audiences through the tangible process of letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, schedules and behavior to make room for new experiences, self-discovery and healthy growth. This talk is relevant to any group experiencing or anticipating change. Julie empowers people to find the courage and clarity to move forward, and to live as their most authentic, fully engaged selves.

The Great Juggling Act: Creating Balance

Julie presents the fundamentals of how to achieve what you want in life and work by effectively managing your time.

Based on her best-selling book Time Management from the Inside Out, Julie presents a whole new way of looking at time and empowers you to work with your natural style instead of against it, enabling you to better plan your day, get to what is most important, and stay in balance. By learning how to make time tangible, audience members will finally be relieved of feeling overwhelmed and complete every day with a sense of accomplishment.

Becoming the Go-To Expert

Geared toward entrepreneurs and small business owners, Julie shares the strategies she used to establish her brand as one of the most respected in her industry and grow her small business from an idea – born in a corner of her living room – to an international enterprise.

Audience members will learn how to position themselves as experts, target a core client base, cultivate relationships with the media, leverage the authenticity of their brands, and develop systems to manage time, space and content to maintain a competitive edge and generate revenue. Any professional in business for themselves, whether startup or veteran, will find value in this content.

Getting Organized from the Inside Out

An organized work space speeds information retrieval, reduces stress and preserves institutional knowledge. And an organized home is a great place to recharge.

Julie’s New York Times best-selling book, Organizing from the Inside Out, is the touchstone of this talk. Her approach is unexpected, fun and practical, showing audiences how to design  a sustainable system based on their unique personality, needs and style. Step by step, she teaches audience members how to identify what’s holding them back and how to use that insight to transform chaos into order, so no opportunity is lost to the clutter.