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Managing Energy and Brainpower For Peak Performance

Today's workplace requires brand new approaches to time.  Companies across every industry are reinventing themselves, and knowledge workers need practical strategies to streamline responsibilities, adapt to changing roles, and most importantly, time to think.

Our clients are leaders from Global Fortune 500 firms, small businesses, government agencies, and not-for-profits, all facing the same challenge:  How to maximize productivity with small teams and limited resources.  

At Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, our cutting edge, practical strategies are counter intuitive, and transformational, leading to concrete behavior change for individuals and teams.  

WORKSUITE is a series of targeted workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of productivity.  Our workshops are effective as standalone experiences, as well as in combination with each other and our consulting services to generate a new culture of productivity throughout your company. 

Contact us today to explore your needs and provide a custom blended set of solutions to help you do more with less.

Our WORKSUITE offerings include the following workshops:





train the trainer

We offer certified facilitators to deliver our training programs or we can train your internal staff to deliver it.

Select staff throughout your organization can also become certified 1:1 Organizing and Time Management Coaches, allowing you to provide in-house support for employees company wide. 

If you are looking for a solid step-by-step approach to helping your clients feel more in control of their time and at peace with their schedule then the Train the Trainer training program is exactly what you need.
— Julie Gray, Profound Impact Coaching and Organizing