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High-pressure. Fast-paced. Always-on. The modern workplace is a challenging environment that demands a lot from knowledge workers. Help new hires, working parents, executives, and managers get out of a reactive, overwhelmed state in which there's never enough time to stop and think. By approaching productivity from the Inside Out, your team will be equipped to manage brainpower, operate at peak performance, and make their unique contribution.



Taking Knowledge Workers Out of Overdrive

A fast-paced, technology-saturated workplace drains employees and hinders their performance. WorkSmart is a highly interactive program that teaches high performers how to work smarter, not harder. Participants report an average of 50% increase in satisfaction with their work-life balance, 50% increase in daily task completion, and 700% increase in time spent on high-level tasks each day.

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Preventing Manager-Assistant Pitfalls

How many employees receive management training before working with an assistant? WorkSync prevents the common and easily avoidable issues that come with a new assistant relationship. Through training in how to break down misperceptions, increase the transfer of tasks, and improve communication, WorkSync develops better partnerships that unlock the unique contribution of both sides.

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Saving New Managers Months of Trial-and-Error

Corporate teams are leaner and more dispersed than ever before, creating constant opportunities for miscommunication and last-minute emergencies. In this environment, delegation is the most difficult and most powerful time management strategy. WorkShare teaches extremely practical delegation skills to new managers who need to harness their team and focus on making their highest contribution. 

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Turning Chaotic Clutter into a Productive Environment

Open workplaces, cluttered desktops and too much information hurt productivity and put institutional knowledge at risk. WorkSpace teaches participants how to take control of their working environment so that they can spend more time making significant contributions aided by access to well-organized information.

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all workshops include...

All workshops includes a customization call. The findings from this call help us uncover what is truly happening to help or hinder worker productivity, so that we can tailor our workshop to your company. Our workshops are made up of dynamic modules that combine exercises, videos, case studies, lectures, action plans, and follow-up tips via email. Contact us to learn more or get started!