the balanced life planner

take control of your busy life and find balance

The Balanced Life Planner is the only planner designed by a leading Time Management Coach to help you remember, prioritize and de-stress your days. 

The unique 2-page per day format includes:

  • Separate work and home to-do lists
  • Plenty of room to capture everything on your plate 
  • 7am – 11pm slots to plan both work and personal time
  • Time management tactics to find your best use of time
  • Coaching messages to keep you inspired
  • Free space to customize for your individual needs

Each month features a full calendar, as well as goal setting. The design can be used in alone or in combination with a digital calendar!

master Julie's 5 key skills for creating a balanced & fulfilling life


batching tasks

Daily pages divide your to-do's by work vs. home vs. call, so that you can see the full picture of your day, group similar tasks and prioritize efficiently.


Time Estimating

To-Do Lists feature a time estimating column to help you calculate if your plans are realistic, adjust if you have over- or under-planned and schedule them into your calendar with ease.  




Julie's field-tested 4-D's on daily pages train you to evaluate your to-do's by what you can Delete, Delay, Diminish or Delegate, helping you to eliminate any unnecessary use of your time.



planning ahead

Julie's tried-and-true "Plan Tomorrow + 2" reminder on each page guides you to look ahead and prepare, allowing you to get a good night's sleep knowing that nothing is slipping through the cracks.


balancing work and home

Monthly goal setting for work/personal/relationships, daily time slots from 7am-midnight and grouped to-do lists, help you plan your whole day, create balance and find the best use of your time.

WORK in your unique way

The Boundless Life Planner is part of the versatile Boundless System, featuring Mylar-reinforced “snap-in” technology allowing for constant arranging and rearranging of pages. Spread out pages for a work session, add custom note paper where you need it and remove pages to keep your planner light and current. You can even store any important pages in a 2-ring or 3-ring binder.

The Balanced Life Planner is available in flex, linen and leather covers so you can find the style that best suits your life!


Is this planner right for me?

If you're juggling multiple roles or living a "slashie" life, i.e. Consultant/Photographer/Parent, The Balanced Life Planner Notebook is designed exactly for you! It's perfect for:

  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Project Managers
  • Service Professionals (Stylists, Accountants, Designers, Lawyers, etc.)
  • Professors
  • Students

Why use a paper planner?

Although the world is increasingly digital, paper planning has made a comeback for a reason: it works. Research from Princeton University and the University of California, shows that students who take notes on paper actually learn and retain more than those who use laptops. 

The act of writing helps you remember and prioritize better than digital, and the message it sends people in a meeting is that you are fully present and paying attention (not on a device where you could be checking email). It also helps you to stay focused when by yourself, far from the tempting distractions of the internet (and social media!).


includes coaching from julie!

Your Balanced Life Planner purchase includes exclusive access to a series of emails where Julie Morgenstern will personally coach you on Time Management Tips to best utilize your newest productivity tool. You also have access to email Julie with your personal questions. With Julie's guidance, you'll be on the fast track to increasing your productivity, and making 2018 your best year yet! 

What people are saying

I love this planner and use it all the time. I don’t know what I would do without it!
— Audra T., New York, NY
Very valuable, forces me to actually think through what I need to get done over the next 30 days.
— Lily L., Carmel, CA
I use the space to write out my to-do list for the week. Then I look at it throughout the week as I plan which to-dos I will do on which day. Very valuable!
— Colleen P., Brooklyn, NY
Provides a very structured approach to planning a day, a week and a month. Annual goals can be very easily monitored and attained.
— David O., Cleveland, OH
A day has two pages to plan, with ample space for ideas, and I love *LOVE* the Notes and Thoughts section at the end of every month. Great and inspiring quotes!
— Dalijah M., Hoboken, NJ
Love that it has space for free notes, hourly schedule and that work/home tasks are broken up!
— Armando F., Houston, TX

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