Coaching Clinics

Time Management Coaching Clinics give participants the opportunity to focus on specific challenges and receive laser-focused strategies from me or one of my certified Time Management Coaches.


For Organizations


The modern workplace demands a lot from knowledge workers. How do your team members learn to manage overwhelming workloads, keep ahead of emails and interruptions, prevent burnout, and consistently carve out time for strategy and innovation?

Time Management Coaching Clinics are an easy way to get precise solutions for the challenges of individual team members. Show your people they matter with high-value individualized attention. Participants receive expert diagnosis and practical strategies customized to their needs and goals.

Here's how it works:

  • Each clinic is 8 hours, divided into 4 to 8 slots per day.
  • Sessions can take place on-site or via Skype. 
  • Flexible grouping allows us to work with individuals, with executives + their assistants, or with 3 peers at a time.

Jump-start productivity and accelerate progress by helping team members navigate around their unique obstacles to efficiency. Time Management Coaching Clinics are available as a standalone service or bundled with a speaking engagement or one of my courses for maximum value. Contact us to learn more or schedule your clinic.

For INdividuals

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It's easy to feel drained and overwhelmed in our modern world. But it's not easy to identify exactly what's causing your roadblock or how to get out past it. Every one of us has a unique relationship with time, with different habits and goals. 

That's why we're bringing Time Management Coaching Clinics to the public! In these intensive one-on-one sessions, you'll get razor-sharp insights from a certified Time Management Coach on what's holding you back and what strategies you need to manage your time, energy, and brainpower effectively.

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We are all more efficient, productive, indeed organized, thanks to you.
— Lisa Grossman, Viacom