modular courses

Create a custom experience with bite-sized workshops

We have a library of courses that can be used as stand-alone skill building, combined for a custom experience or licensed to integrate into existing curriculum. These tried-and-true, practical strategies can be easily mastered by your full team and integrated into culture. 


modular courses to mix & Match


When task lists and days seem never-ending, work quality and happiness suffer. Choosing the most important tasks is about more than how to create and track to-do’s –  it’s about managing energy to boost productivity and increase performance.

Attendees learn to:

  • Prioritize and chose high priority tasks first to maximize revenue
  • Master a monumental to-do list with ease
  • Let go of low priority tasks for a better work-life balance



Offices can have an endless supply of distractions that steal time and energy. Controlling the “nibblers” is learning skills to take control of time for an efficient, fulfilling workday that focuses on primary objectives.

Attendees learn to:

  • Manage interruptions and last minute requests
  • Own their habits, and avoid time nibblers like perfectionism and procrastination
  • Manage email and technology use


Pre- and post-meeting chatter at most companies often revolves around someone’s all-night prep or late-night “emergency,” but a culture that applauds exhaustion only leads to burnout. Peak performers put as much thought into how they spend their time off as they do their work days, and this workshop teaches skills to create an better work-life ratio while improving performance at work.

Attendees learn to:

  • Use the 7 time blocks approach for planning their weekend
  • Set clear time and communication boundaries on their work day
  • Plan small moments of recharge throughout their week


Today’s workplace operates at an ever-increasing speed that drains energy and performance, with technology sometimes hurting as much as it helps. This workshop provides strategies to maximize time, allowing room to focus on the most important tasks of a role while still being available for others.

Attendees learn to:

  • Effectively structure their day and week
  • Recover time each day to devote to critical, high-level tasks
  • Manage distractions while still being available for their team

create & lead Impactful Meetings

Poorly planned or managed meeting can keep people from working on high priority tasks and create fatigue. Learning to create and lead meaningful, high-impact meetings that clearly accomplish goals, provide vision and strategy, empowers people to work beyond the meeting structure.

Attendees learn to:

  • Develop a clear purpose and plan of actionable items
  • Assemble the best participants and engage from prep to follow through
  • Communicate concerns, priorities and deadlines

    Delegate effectively

    Effective delegation is simultaneously the most powerful and the most challenging of all the time management skills to master. This workshop teaches skills to effectively decide what to delegate and to whom, to create a chain of efficiency throughout the organization that shows in the bottom line. 

    Attendees learn to:

    • Overcome the biggest barriers to delegation
    • Methodically follow the 4 steps of effective delegation
    • Provide constructive feedback when work comes back

      work well with others

      When workers don’t feel empowered to own their day and have strained working relationships, going to work can feel unbearable. This workshop teaches skills to set and negotiate boundaries as well as how to be accessible, accountable and cooperative to contribute to a positive, productive environment.

      Attendees learn to:

      • Avoid the 6 most common gripes
      • Say "no" nicely and "yes" with strategy
      • Use the T.A.L.K. formula to get what they need with clarity & respect

      time leadership

      Leaders create a culture around time, consciously or not, that is either conducive to work, or not. Time leadership is leading by example to create a culture where people can be in control of their schedule and efficiently use their time at work.

      Attendees Learn to:

      • Create an environment of work/life balance
      • Lead efficient, results-driven meetings
      • Manage interruptions and email while being available for their team