High Impact Meetings

Do you spend hours of your day in meetings that don't drive results? Is your schedule hijacked by back-to-back requests that leave no time for doing the actual work? This course will teach you proven strategies to make meetings worth their while. Whether leader or attendee, you'll learn how to crease a results-focused meeting that maximizes engagement, ignites contribution and gets things done in the most efficient way.

Attendees learn to:

  • Develop a high impact, outcome based agenda
  • Engage participants from prep to follow through
  • Keep the meeting focused and on track to maximize results
Thank you a million times over for your presentation! The Oregon Downtown Development Association is grateful to you for the help and insight you have given us. We hope to continue our relationship, as we continue to look for ways to reduce stress and manage our time in our work and personal lives.
— Heidi Henry, Oregon Downtown Development Association