Mastering Delegation

Effective delegation is simultaneously the most powerful and the most challenging of all time management skills to master. How many times have you delegated something, only to have the task be done incorrectly? Or worse, have you skipped handing off a task because "it's just easier to do it myself." WorkShare teaches managers to effectively delegate to direct reports and teams, creating a chain of efficiency throughout an organization.  Participants learn what to delegate and how to do it to maximize accuracy and a sense of team.

  • Attendees learn how to:
    • Overcome the biggest barriers to delegation
    • Decide what to delegate, and to whom
    • Delegate one skill set at a time
    • Methodically follow the 4 steps of effective delegation
    • Provide constructive feedback when work comes back

This will be a three-hour, instructor led workshop.

When I first called your office several months ago, I wasn’t sure if you were the right person for the task at hand. I knew you had helped companies through corporate moves before, but I was asking you to prepare our entire company for one of the biggest culture shocks in the history of this organization. I didn’t know if anyone would be able to do what we needed. But you did! By the time you left, everyone that attended your presentation (600+ people) was excited about the move, instead of dreading it. A great feat!
— Anita Boone, Global After Market, Gates Corporation