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High-pressure. Fast-paced. Always-on. Modern life poses plenty of challenges for anyone trying to get focused work done—whether in a corporation, small business, non-profit, community, or school. Through dynamic and interactive workshops, my team and I show working people how to achieve big goals and make their unique contribution.



Taking Knowledge Workers Out of Overdrive

A fast-paced, technology-saturated workplace drains employees and hinders their performance. WorkSmart teaches high performers how to work smarter, not harder, by choosing the most important tasks and creating the time to get things done. Participants report an average of 50% increase in satisfaction with their work-life balance, 50% increase in daily task completion, and 700% increase in time spent on high-level tasks each day.

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Effectively Managing Work, Life, and Family at the Same Time

Working parents want to do a great job and raise great humans at the same time—without burning themselves out in the process. WorkBalance helps people juggling multiple roles identify what's holding them back from embracing a work-life balance. It teaches important skills for maintaining personal wellness, managing family life, and getting results at work simultaneously.

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Saving New Managers Months of Trial-and-Error

Organizations are leaner and more dispersed than ever before, creating constant opportunities for miscommunication and last-minute emergencies. In this environment, delegation is the most difficult and most powerful time management strategy. WorkShare teaches extremely practical delegation skills to new managers who need to manage the people who report to them and practice time leadership. 

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Unlocking the Potential in Information and Flexible Environments

Disorganized workplaces, desktops and information hurt productivity and put institutional knowledge at risk. WorkSpace teaches workers how to organize information physical and digitally, prioritize tasks and minimize distractions by taking control of their working environment. Participants are free to spend more time focusing on what matters and making significant contributions.

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all workshops include...

All workshops includes a customization call. The findings from this call help us uncover what is truly happening to help or hinder worker productivity, so that we can tailor our workshop to your company. Our workshops are made up of dynamic modules that combine exercises, videos, case studies, lectures, action plans, and follow-up tips via email. Contact us to learn more or get started.