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productivity workshops overview

Every client has their own business goals, but one shared question: How do we maximize the talent we have invested in? How do we boost the effectiveness of our staff in this time of small teams and limited resources?



For individual contributors, executives, and knowledge workers in every department.

Result: Get more done, in less time and feel in control of their workday.



For managers, team leaders and intact work groups.

Result: Harness talent, create common language and fortify group output.



For high achieving employees at every level of your organization.

Result: Boost energy, brainpower and retention.

 Our clients range from Fortune 100’s to consulting firms, creative entities and non-profits all over the world, including:  


the experience

Designed for small group learning (up to 25 people per session), all of our workshops are designed to build skills, change habits, and create a common language among peers which speeds communication and boosts teamwork.

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post-workshop, we deliver continuing support with a series of follow up emails to reinforce concepts as new habits take hold.


create a ripple effect with our popular add-on seminar

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

In this 1-hour thought-provoking seminar, Julie helps managers and leaders see the role they play in creating a culture of productivity. By consciously developing protocols around email, meetings, quiet time, interruptions and time off, good time leadership enables organizations to thrive.  Leaders learn to create an environment that brings out peak performance and efficiency in their human resources, and thereby meet company goals—such as innovation, staying ahead of the competition, and recruiting and retaining top talent.


what clients are saying

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helping employees transition to managerial positions

Central Arizona Project, Supervisor Academy




Productivity Skills For Knowledge Workers

Employees today have a unique challenge—they must focus in a highly distractible environment, adapt to changing roles, streamline day-to-day responsibilities, and consistently carve out time for strategy and innovation. WorkSmart is Julie's signature, tried-and-true productivity workshop, that has been shown to effectively help workers manage their energy and brain power for peak performance. WorkSmart teaches high performers how to work smarter, not harder, by choosing the most important tasks and creating the time to get things done. Participants report an average of 50% increase in daily task completion, and 70% increase in time spent on high-level tasks each day, and long term retention of strategies learned. This is a course that will transform the way individual contributors, managers and knowledge workers throughout your organization get things done.

Participants learn to:

  • Manage competing priorities

  • Control distractions

  • Create the time to get things done

  • Structure days for peak efficiency

  • Streamline workloads to work smart, not hard

Results: More time on proactive vs reactive tasks, increased sense of control and contribution.

practical tips to FUEL TEAM PRODUCTIVITY

Time Management doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens in a community.  The work habits of one employee affect those of another--creating a work culture that either lifts or limits the output of each individual.  Managers and teams at every level need a common language and set of tools to ensure the highest and best use of each person’s time, talents and capabilities. Working well with others goes far beyond being nice:  it’s about group practices that enable everyone to get their work done and make their unique contribution. Whether managing up, down, or laterally, WorkShare teaches extremely practical teamwork, meeting and delegation skills that fuel individual and group performance.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Overcome the biggest barriers to working well with others

  • Master the art and skill of delegation

  • Make meetings worth their while

  • Effectively manage interruptions

  • Tackle courageous conversations to manage roadblocks

Results: Maximize sense of team while hitting organizational goals.

thriving at work and at home

In a high achieving work culture, employees can struggle to balance work and personal life. As much as they may crave balance, feelings of guilt, worry about perceptions, and lack of skills can keep them from getting the renewal they need.  The cost to companies is huge: employee burnout, inefficiency and turnover. Smart employers recognize the need to provide both permission and a process for creating a healthy work-life balance that equips employees to go the distance and bring their best to work every day.   WorkBalance provides participants the essential  insights and tips they need to embrace a healthy work-life balance, that doesn’t take away from work productivity--but actually fuels it.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome what is holding them back

  • Resist technology impeding on time off

  • Routinize time off for maximum rejuvenation

  • Gracefully say “no”

  • Increase mindfulness in transitioning to and from work

Results: More productive, creative, fulfilled employees, and higher retention.