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New Year's resolution time is here--that annual ritual most studies (and cynics) say is destined for failure within two to three weeks. But does that mean don,t bother? Our intentions are noble--the start of each year, (and each season) provides an opportunity for a new beginning.


As an organizing and productivity expert, I've noticed one main distinction between people who succeed in transformation and those who get derailed boils down to a single behavior: Reflection.

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Ahh, to sleep, perchance to dream. It's safe to say we all need strategies that help us sustain our energy and brainpower, so that we can continue to work smarter, learn quickly, and focus our attention on the things that have the highest value.  

According to the National Institutes of Health, one of our biggest obstacles to performance is that we are not getting enough zzzz's;  50 to 70 million Americans have sleep problems.  Sleep deprivation has serious consequences, not only on our moods and physical health, but also our cognitive function.

Harvard School of Medicine’s Division of Sleep published several studies in 2012 that indicate poor quality sleep leads to an increase in errors at the workplace, decreased productivity, and accidents that cost both lives and resources. It also steals our ability to learn: when we are sleep deprived, our focus, attention, and vigilance drift, making it more difficult to receive information.

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How effective is your To-Do list? 

In my work as a time management coach, close to 90% of my clients are unhappy with their to-do list system.  There are often many flaws in their approach, but the most common mistake I see is treating a to-do list as an endless inventory of everything in one's mind, without a practical plan for how to get things done. 

To combat the "junk box" effect of a Master to-do list, I recommend creating what I call an "intelligent" to-do list.........

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Clashes over clutter are a source of enormous stress in relationships. Whether the culprit is your spouse, child, teen, roommate, parent, coworker, or boss, the only thing more frustrating than not being able to clear your own clutter is living or working with a disorganized person. The refusal of someone you live or work with to clean up, clear out, or cooperate as you try to improve the state of your home or office is absolutely maddening.
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I am thrilled to announce that my OpenSky Shop is officially up and running! Each item is only on sale at a crazy 30-50% for 24 hours before it goes into my Collection, where you can get it for a smaller discount.  Click here to follow me and stay on top of items as soon as they go live!

If you’re not already following me on OpenSky, now is the time to do it, because we are offering another GIVEAWAY for new sign-ups! THREE lucky winners will get one of my all-time favorite products: the double hamper! Perfect for separating lights from darks, delicates from non-delicates, or his from hers! But hurry- You must sign up by next week to be eligible to win!

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By signing up, you will get weekly exclusive deals from up to 50% off of the best organizing products out there—hand selected by me!

OpenSky is an awesome new website and I am so excited to be collaborating with them!

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A resounding Congratulations to Dianna Christman for winning our second OpenSky giveaway: my Organized-On-The-Go Travel Kit! May you have many fantastically organized travels! Speaking of travels…

OpenSky is doing a Julie Morgenstern Sweepstakes! For a limited time only, new sign-ups to follow me on OpenSky will automatically be entered to win a trip to New York City to meet me! Could OpenSky get any cooler?

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If you invite 4 or more friends to follow me, OpenSky will reward you with a $20 coupon towards your next purchase!

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Rebecca Soulette in NYC is the winner of our fantastic Closet Organizing Kit! We had such success from doing this giveaway we decided, What the heck—let’s do another!

Sign up now to FOLLOW ME on OpenSky and you will automatically be eligible to win our NEW  GIVEAWAY item….  Drum roll please…

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You always ask me what my favorite organizing products are:  Which bins, containers, gadgets and tools I love the most to help you tame the chaos in your home, office and life.  To fill this need, I'm collaborating with an exciting new website called OpenSky- a shopping site that spreads the word about great products recommended by the experts! Each week I’ll hand-pick one special favorite that I know everyone will love and send you an email with info on the product-- including the inside scoop on why I love it (and how to use it!).  As a bonus, OpenSky and I will get it for you at the ultimate VIP price, up to 50% off!   Each discount will be available for a special limited time offer that you can only get if you follow me on OpenSky.  Signing up is totally FREE!

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Even in this age of advanced technology, I find papers can build up quickly on people's desktops.  Printouts from the internet, multiple versions of documents and reports, projects that are easier to work on hard copy, meeting notes, business cards, the list is endless.  A disorganized desk is intimidating, and steals energy and focus.  Take quick control of your piles with the following tips.
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