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Julie is a sought-after speaker, providing engaging, expert insight on time management, productivity, organizing, work-life balance and more. 


Making Work, Work:
Counterintuitive Keys to Productivity

  Julie presents her cutting edge approach to improving workplace performance and productivity. She'll share how to prioritize, concentrate in distracting environments, and outsmart interruptions, providing concrete ways to nurture professional and personal lives.

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

Drawing on decades of experience consulting with leading executives, Julie shows how companies can create efficient workflows,  build cultures of productivity, efficiently fulfill objectives, recruit and retain top talent, and stay far ahead of the competition.

Getting Organized from the Inside Out

Based on Julie’s New York Times best-selling book, Organizing from the Inside Out, Julie brings her practical approach to organizing, showing audiences how to design  a sustainable system based on their unique personality, needs and style.

The Great Juggling Act: Creating Balance

Based on her best-selling book Time Management from the Inside Out,  Julie presents a new way of looking at time and empowers audiences to work with their natural style instead of against it, enabling them to better plan their day, get to what is most important, and stay in balance. 

Becoming the Go-To Expert

Geared toward entrepreneurs and small business owners, Julie shares the strategies she used to establish her brand as one of the most respected in her industry. Audience members will learn how to position themselves as experts, target a core client base, cultivate media relationships, and develop systems to maintain a competitive edge. 

SHED: Decluttering your Space, Time and Habits to Get Unstuck

Using her unique SHED formula, Julie guides audiences through letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, schedules and behavior to make room for new experiences and growth. Perfect for those expecting or experiencing transition to be empowered to move forward as their most authentic, full-engaged self. 

What Clients Are Saying

You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association
Your organizational tips and strategies are top-notch – I am confident audience members will be able to apply your principles, even to their highly classified information.
— Thelma Rodgers, National Security Agency
Julie’s presentation strongly contributed to the conference’s success, and I feel fortunate that I was able to sit in on her session!
— KC Conway, First Republic Bank