our Clients

The people my team and I work with are of all ages. They have different backgrounds, interests, personalities, and jobs. They come from all over the world. But every client has this in common: they have a unique contribution to make the the world and need to get unstuck and get going to achieve their dreams.


Types of People We Serve

Because my Inside Out methodology starts with and honors unique individuals, it has worked for every organizing challenge I have ever come across. If you fit any of the descriptions below, I am confident it will work for you too.

  • You've always been disorganized

  • You used to be organized but your system broke down

  • You feel basically organized but are looking for ways to improve


  • You're a student struggling to balance work and life

  • You're a parent who never has enough time for self-care

  • You're a retiree who's writing the next chapter of your life


  • You're a philanthropist or entrepreneur

  • You're a recent grad building a career

  • You're a new or middle manager

  • You're a senior manager or executive leading teams under pressure

Corporate Clients