I'm a passionate speaker who loves connecting with audiences. I leverage decades of experience working with individual clients and facilitating workshops to give groups the emotional validation, "Aha!" moments and practical solutions they need to solve some of their most frustrating daily problems.


Raising a Human, Being a Human

A revolutionary approach to organizing your time as a parent

For Wellness & Diversity Programs, Women in Leadership Events, Parent, School and Community Groups.

Parenting is the biggest, most challenging and ambiguous job in the world, and yet, one that has always come without a job description. As a result, parents often feel stretched thin, insecure and guilty that whatever they are focusing on, they’re neglecting something else.

In this insightful and delightful presentation, Julie throws parents a lifeline, offering practical strategies for juggling different priorities in a way that is liberating, doable and sustainable.

Based on 30 years of coaching parents around the globe, and extensive research into 70 years of human development science, this presentation solves the universal problem of how to truly be there for your kids, while still taking care of yourself…along with all your responsibilities as a grown up.

For parents with kids at every age and stage (as well as aunts, uncles, grandparents, caretakers, and managers) this talk, based on Julie’s book TIME TO PARENT, delivers the instructional manual parents have been craving for generations, to gain more time, less guilt and deeper joy in each thing they do.

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Practical Keys to Productivity

For corporate meetings, team retreats, in house speaker series, offsites and professional association conferences.

Today’s intense work environment requires brand new skills to focus on what’s most important, and get things done. Based on her book, NEVER CHECK EMAIL IN THE MORNING, Julie offers a cutting edge approach to boosting productivity, by focusing on managing energy and brainpower to get more out of the day. Audiences learn to prioritize with confidence, create the time to concentrate in a highly distractible environment, outsmart email and interruptions, and optimize time off to ensure peak performance.  

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Need a different topic?

Based on Julie’s best-selling books, we offer also workshops on:

The Great Juggling Act: Creating Balance

Based on the best-selling book TIME MANAGEMENT FROM THE INSIDE OUT,  audiences first learn how to change their perception of time, connect daily tasks to big picture goals, track to-do's, structure the calendar and deal with surprises to get back on track.  

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

Using her classic NEVER CHECK EMAIL IN THE MORNING, Julie helps managers and leaders create an environment that brings out peak performance and efficiency in their human resources, and thereby meet company innovation, competition and recruiting goals.

Organizing from the Inside Out

Based on the internationally bestselling book ORGANIZING FROM THE INSIDE OUT,  and nearly 3 decades helping individuals organize their homes, offices, filing systems and spaces, audiences leave ready to custom design their own systems so they live, work, and relax in a way that recharges and fuels them. 

SHED: Decluttering Your Space, Time and Habits to Get Unstuck

Using her proprietary SHED formula, Julie guides audiences toward making room for change and growth by letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, schedules and habits.

What Clients Are Saying

Your organizational tips and strategies are top-notch – I am confident audience members will be able to apply your principles, even to their highly classified information.
— Thelma Rodgers, National Security Agency
Julie’s presentation strongly contributed to the conference’s success, and I feel fortunate that I was able to sit in on her session!
— KC Conway, First Republic Bank
You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association