I'm a passionate speaker who loves connecting with audiences. I leverage decades of experience working with individual clients and facilitating workshops to give groups the emotional validation, "Aha!" moments and practical solutions they need to solve some of their most frustrating daily problems.


the great juggling act


Balancing time between raising a human and being a human isn’t easy. Parents often feel torn between conflicting priorities, and guilty that whatever they are focused on, they’re neglecting something else. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this enlightening and relatable talk, Julie shares a revolutionary framework for organizing one’s time during the childrearing years. Based on 30 years of coaching families worldwide, and 8 years of research into the science of human development, audiences learn practical ways to be there for their kids, without sacrificing self care.

For people with kids from babies to college (and anyone who knows or works with parents), this presentation gives attendees more time, less guilt and deeper presence with each thing they do. Packed with doable strategies including how much time kids need to feel loved and secure (Hint: less than you think), clever ways to nurture your marriage while raising kids, tips to organize and automate household logistics to lighten your load, and how to release the mom-and dad guilt for working and self-care. The most liberating lesson of all? That no matter the age of your kids, it’s never too late to hit reset.

This presentation is good for Women’s Initiatives, Emerging Leader and Working Parent Programs, Parent Education, Community, School and Mom Groups.

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counterintuitive Keys to Productivity

Today’s intense work environment requires brand new skills to focus on what’s most important, and get things done. Based on her book, Never Check Email in the Morning, Julie offers a cutting edge approach to boosting productivity, by focusing on managing energy and brainpower to get more out of the day. Audiences learn to prioritize with confidence, create the time to concentrate in a highly distractible environment, outsmart email and interruptions, and optimize time off to ensure peak performance.

This presentation is good for Corporations, Professional Associations, Nonprofits and Talent Development Initiatives. 

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Organizing Your Life from the Inside Out

An organized workspace speeds information retrieval, reduces stress and preserves institutional knowledge. An organized home is a great place to recharge when not working. A balanced schedule enables you to achieve what you want in life and work. Julie's approach is unexpected, fun and practical, showing you how to design a system based on your unique personality, needs and style, so it sticks.

Based on the internationally bestselling books Organizing from the Inside Out  and Time Management from the Inside Out,and 3 decades of field work organizing clients around the globe, audiences leave ready to custom design their own systems so they live, work, and relax in a way that recharges and fuels them.

This presentation is good for  Community Expos & Events, Conferences for Service Professionals & Entrepreneurs,  Large Chain Retailers and Service Providers, University Students and Faculty.

Interview with Tracy Anderson on time management techniques


Managing change is not easy.  SHED is a practical framework for proactively managing any life transition and the feeling of being unstuck and unsure.  Julie guides audiences through the tangible process of letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, calendars and habits to make room for new experiences and healthy growth.  Audiences learn the difference between organizing and decluttering, how to see pockets of clutter as “points of entry”,  morph fuzzy ideas into catalyzing themes for the future, and what you do before and after getting rid of things to make it last.  Based on Julie’s book SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life, this talk empowers people to find the courage and clarity to move forward, and to live as their most authentic, fully engaged selves.

This presentation is good for any group experiencing change-companies who have restructured or rightsized, people facing changes in their jobs or industry, students graduating high school or college, and individuals facing retirement, new parenthood or an empty nest.

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What Clients Are Saying

You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association
The tips and strategies you presented, in just 60 minutes, had an impact on everyone lucky enough to attend. We are all more productive, indeed organized, thanks to you.”
— Lisa Grossman, Viacom
My group was very inspired, and the conversation has continued throughout the day and into the evening. The effort you made to weave in specific references to our company made the whole thing come alive.
Our leadership meeting was especially meaningful, and we have some better vocabulary to talk about the ways that we do and do not empower employees to change habits and mindsets.
— Kara McGregor, Independence Title Company