As a parent, I always wondered where the job manual was. How was I supposed to know if I was doing a good job raising my kid without a list of responsibilities and a criteria for success?

After investing four years completing an extensive review of the research in the field of human development, and reflecting on nearly thirty years of work coaching parents around the world (along with my own experience as a single Mom), I created a simple framework that boils the job down to eight components: four for our kids, and four for ourselves. This combination encapsulates everything we need to juggle our time for the full ride from cradle to college, and brings out the best in everyone.  

Using this framework, I created a self-assessment to help you determine your time management strengths, as well as the areas that need support. Your score will reveal your parent-time profile,  and direct you to the chapters that can help you build skills where you need them most. The self-assessment is made to be taken whenever you feel out of balance. As children grow and change and parents lives evolve, it’s a useful marker to check in with how things are going. Please enjoy and take it as many times as you need!

And feel free to share your results on social media. The more people take the assessment, the more you'll be able to share ideas and learn from one another.