WORKbalance workshop

thriving at work and at home

In a high achieving work culture, employees can struggle to balance work and personal life. As much as they may crave balance, feelings of guilt, worry about perceptions, and lack of skills can keep them from getting the renewal they need.  The cost to companies is huge: employee burnout, inefficiency and turnover. Smart employers recognize the need to provide both permission and a process for creating a healthy work-life balance that equips employees to go the distance and bring their best to work every day.   WorkBalance provides participants the essential  insights and tips they need to embrace a healthy work-life balance, that doesn’t take away from work productivity--but actually fuels it.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Identify and overcome what is holding them back

  • Resist technology impeding on time off

  • Routinize time off for maximum rejuvenation

  • Gracefully say “no”

  • Increase mindfulness in transitioning to and from work

Half-day experience.

Results: More productive, creative, fulfilled employees, and higher retention.