WORKSHARE workshop

practical tips to FUEL TEAM PRODUCTIVITY

Time Management doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens in a community.  The work habits of one employee affect those of another--creating a work culture that either lifts or limits the output of each individual.  Managers and teams at every level need a common language and set of tools to ensure the highest and best use of each person’s time, talents and capabilities. Working well with others goes far beyond being nice:  it’s about group practices that enable everyone to get their work done and make their unique contribution. Whether managing up, down, or laterally, WorkShare teaches extremely practical teamwork, meeting and delegation skills that fuel individual and group performance.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Overcome the biggest barriers to working well with others

  • Master the art and skill of delegation

  • Make meetings worth their while

  • Effectively manage interruptions

  • Tackle courageous conversations to manage roadblocks

Results: Maximize sense of team while hitting organizational goals.