WorkSMART Workshop

Productivity Skills For Knowledge Workers

Employees today have a unique challenge — they must focus in a highly distractible environment, adapt to changing roles, streamline day-to-day responsibilities, and consistently carve out time for strategy and innovation. WorkSMART is Julie's signature, tried-and-true productivity workshop, that has been shown to effectively help workers manage their energy and brain power for peak performance. WorkSMART teaches high performers how to work smarter, not harder, by choosing the most important tasks and creating the time to get things done. Participants report an average of 50% increase in daily task completion and 70% increase in time spent on high-level tasks each day, with long term retention of strategies learned. This is a course that will transform the way individual contributors, managers, and knowledge workers throughout your organization get things done.

Participants learn to:

  • Manage competing priorities

  • Control distractions

  • Create the time to get things done

  • Structure days for peak efficiency

  • Streamline workloads to work smart, not hard

Results: More time on proactive vs reactive tasks, increased sense of control and contribution.

Half-day experience.