WorkSMART Workshop

Productivity Skills For Knowledge Workers

Our clients range from Fortune 100’s to consulting firms, creative entities to non-profits all over the world.  Each has their own business goals, but one shared question: how do we maximize the talent we have invested in? How do we boost the effectiveness of our staff in this time of small teams and limited resources?  

In today's complex business landscape, every professional needs the agility to adapt to changing roles, streamline day-to-day responsibilities, collaborate efficiently and consistently carve out time for strategy and innovation. WorkSmart is Julie's signature, tried-and-true productivity workshop, that has been shown to effectively help workers manager their energy and brain power for peak performance.

Participants learn to:

  • Manage competing priorities
  • Consciously recharge for peak performance
  • Control distractions
  • Create the time to get things done
  • Structure their days for efficiency
  • Streamline workloads

Designed for small group learning (up to 25 people per session), this program is highly interactive, and designed to build skills, change habits, and build a common language among peers which speeds communication and boosts teamwork. 

Available as a full-day or half-day experience.

The Mid-Atlantic Microsoft Sales Team loved your presentation! They thought you were an excellent speaker, they loved the interactivity and are looking forward to implementing the ideas from your book. Your presentation kicked off a very successful day of partner and customer meetings as well. Thanks for making me look so good!
— Lisa Malone, Microsoft