Throw a Successful Garage Sale

Throw a Successful Garage Sale

Garage sales can be an amazing way to shed items that you no longer need while bringing some monetary value back to you. First you need to start with de-cluttering your home, to create your inventory of valuable items that are in good condition and should not be recycled/trashed. Once you've decided what you're selling, you can dive in with my tips (and supply list!) to make your garage sale smooth and a success!

10 Tips to Organize Your Garage

10 Tips to Organize Your Garage

Garages are notorious dumping grounds for things you used to use, thought you might use, or didn’t know where to put. It's an everyday eyesore, the door you slide past while giving friends the grand tour of your home: “Ohhh, that’s just the garage.” The financial implications of the wasted space and money spent on dormant objects, amount to a crying shame.

Keepin' your Summer Livin' Easy!

Summer is here and the livin’ is easy! Whether you are a lakeside lounger, poolside recliner, an outdoor adventurist, or a grilling guru, summer activities can be accompanied by a lot of stuff and can leave your best laid organizational plans in a pile of clutter. Here are some ways to keep clutter by the wayside while you get your summer on.

Bike Storage

Keeping bikes up and off the floor make them easy to take out and put away, and keep your space neat. If you have a garage, try hanging bike storage. City dwellers can use a stylish hanging wall mount like this one.

Messy Clothes

Muddy or wet clothes contained right away upon entering your home by creating a receiving station by the front door, in the mudroom or in the garage. Store plastic bags on a paper towel holder to quickly bag up the mess, keep some wet wipes and a towel nearby. Use a wet shoe rack to avoid tracking or dripping, or if you are feeling crafty, make your own!



Barbecuing doesn’t have to be a full weekend production. Prep your food by marinating meat and cutting vegetables over the weekend so that you can enjoy the grill even on a weeknight. A handy tool like this prep station will keep you organized while cooking, and make clean up a breeze.