I'm a passionate speaker who connects easily with diverse audiences. I leverage decades of experience working with individual clients and facilitating workshops to give groups the emotional validation, "Aha!" moments and practical solutions they need to solve some of their most frustrating daily problems.



Making Work, Work: Practical Keys to Productivity

In this talk, I help audiences improve workplace performance and productivity from the Inside Out. I share how to prioritize, concentrate in distracting environments, and outsmart interruptions, providing concrete ways to nurture professional and personal life.

The Great Juggling Act: Creating Balance

Based on my best-selling book Time Management from the Inside Out, I empower audiences to change their relationship with time and work with their natural style instead of against it. Listeners learn how to plan, prioritize, and stay in balance. 

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

In this thought-provoking presentation, I help management see the role they play in creating a culture of productivity. By thoughtfully developing norms around email, meetings, quiet time, interruptions and time off, good time leadership enables organizations to meet their goals—such as recruiting and retaining top talent or staying ahead of the competition.

SHED: Decluttering Your Space, Time and Habits to Get Unstuck

Using my proprietary SHED formula, I guide audiences through letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, schedules and behavior to make room for new experiences and growth. This talk is perfect for groups experiencing transition to be empowered to move forward as their most authentic, fully-engaged selves. 

Organizing from the Inside Out

My approach to organizing is deeply human and uniquely effective. I teach listeners how to design a system that sticks based on their unique personality, needs and style. Audiences learn how to to organize a home that helps them recharge and a workspace that reduces stress and facilitates productivity.


What Clients Are Saying

Your organizational tips and strategies are top-notch – I am confident audience members will be able to apply your principles, even to their highly classified information.
— Thelma Rodgers, National Security Agency
Julie’s presentation strongly contributed to the conference’s success, and I feel fortunate that I was able to sit in on her session!
— KC Conway, First Republic Bank
You were the highlight of our conference. I’ve been unable to walk the length of the hall outside my office without someone stopping me to recite tips from your presentation.
— Kenneth C. Pennoyer, Government Finance Officers Association