Organize your Business for Success

This post is sponsored by Staples

I’ve been a small business owner for 26 years, and when I first started my company, you can bet that I was wearing almost all the hats. I juggled marketing, sales, administration and service-- all of which generated SO much information and material, that I quickly realized that without an impeccably organized system, I would lose time, clients and ideas. I created systems for the knowledge and processes that made my business run, which not only made me more efficient, but also positioned me to hire and train people to grow the company. As my business has evolved over the years, I’ve continued to hone my systems to stay competitive.

Every small business owner craves organization and knows that it will save them time and money, keep them competitive, and allow them to do more with less. And there’s no better time than the beginning of the year to design solutions that set up your business up for success.   

However, organizing is not easy. In a December 2017 survey amongst 503 small business owners, Staples found that organization is a major factor in productivity. Some learnings include:

  • Businesses that reported themselves as ”struggling/failing” are nearly four times as likely to identify as “somewhat or very disorganized” when compared to “thriving/surviving” small businesses.
  • 66% of small business owners say that workplace disorganization leads to less productivity-- (that’s 2 out of 3!), and with “Struggling/failing” small businesses, this number increases to 75%.
  • On the job training and organizational materials (like folders, notebooks, and calendars) are most likely to allow employees to be more productive.

Organizing your business can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone! Staples is so committed to small business owners that they have created an incredible Back to Work Resource Center, complete with inspiration, valuable knowledge AND product solutions that don’t break the bank.

That’s why I’m so excited that Staples has brought me in as part of their commitment to help small business owners thrive. To kick-start the year, Staples is sponsoring a sweepstakes for a complimentary 60 minute consultation with me! One small business owner will get to work with me over video chat, where we will tackle your small business organizing challenges and make an actionable plan.

To enter for a chance to wingo to my Facebook page and leave a comment on this post with one sentence about what your #1 business goal is this year.