productivity Workshops

Our clients range from Fortune 100’s to consulting firms, creative entities and non-profits all over the world.  Each has their own business goals, but one shared question: how do we maximize the talent we have invested in? How do we boost the effectiveness of our staff in this time of small teams and limited resources?  

ABOUT our workshops

Designed for small group learning (up to 25 people per session), our workshops are highly interactive, and designed to build skills, change habits, and build a common language among peers which speeds communication and boosts teamwork. Each 3 hour workshop can be delivered in person or via video conference. All workshops are designed for long lasting impact, and include a customization call to tailor the content to your group, companion book and workshop materials along with follow up emails to reinforce concepts as new habits take hold.



For individual contributors, executives, and knowledge workers in every department.

Result: Get more done, in less time and feel in control of their workday.



For managers, team leaders and intact work groups.

Result: Harness talent, create common language and fortify group output.


renewal STRATEGIES FOR going the distance

For high achieving employees at every level of your organization.

Result: Boost energy, brainpower and retention.

seminar for leaders

Time Leadership: Creating a Culture of Productivity

In this thought-provoking seminar, Julie helps managers and leaders see the role they play in creating a culture of productivity. By consciously developing protocols around email, meetings, quiet time, interruptions and time off, good time leadership enables organizations to thrive. Leaders learn to create an environment that brings out peak performance and efficiency in their human resources, and thereby meet company goals—such as innovation, staying ahead of the competition, and recruiting and retaining top talent. This seminar is most impactful when done In conjunction with our productivity speeches and/or workshops.